A cartoon-style icon that resembles Alejandra's face, with short hair, glasses, and winking.

On the farther side of 30, New Yorker.  Blogged before it was cool, now I can’t keep up.  You may have seen me around town, or around the web.

Semi-active in local activism/advocacy-oriented work, as well as online.  Freelance translator, interpreter, transcriber, captioner, (sometimes) singer. Long ago, a performer in children’s theater. Aunt. Former longtime partner and caregiver. I know stuff about stuff, or I’m good at pretending.

Some affiliations: the GimpGirl Community, the DISLABELED Film Series, the Largest Minority Radio Show, the Disability Caucus of Occupy Wall Street, and sometimes, the Peace of Heart Choir.
I was once an active MOOer. Were you?

Places you might find me: LiveJournalFacebookLinkedIn (CV of sorts is there), FlickrMySpace (really), Tumblr (trying it out). I’m also on Second Life.